We offer a wide range of services & can provide specialist advice in the following areas

Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney

We endeavour to provide sympathetic and experienced advice on the following:

  • Making and revising Wills
  • Minimising liability for Inheritance Tax
  • Administration of Estates after Death
  • Preparing and registering a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Advice regarding potential Care Home Fees


A recent survey has revealed that 64% of the population do not have a current Will, the most common reason for this being that they ‘just have not got round to it’. It is essential for anyone who owns property or personal assets or, indeed, has children, to make a Will to ensure that their wishes are carried out on their death. The lack of a Will can cause additional difficulties for relatives at an already distressing time.

Our charges for making a Will are as follows:

Single Will

£20000+ VAT of 20%

Joint Wills (Husband & Wife /Cohabitees)

£28000+ VAT of 20%

The above is based on straightforward instructions and the cost may vary depending upon the complexity.

  • Initial meeting to take instructions and provide general advice
  • Preparation of draft Will
  • Dealing with any queries raised
  • Attendance for Will to be signed

Subject to you providing all information we require and responding to correspondence without delay, we aim to complete the preparation and signing of your Will within four weeks.


We have all experienced the pain of losing a loved one, and we try to draw on this when advising Clients on Probate matters. We are willing to help Executors with part or all of the administration of Estates, which can help to make a difficult and, often confusing, task easier.

Time Element

£20000+ VAT of 20% per hour

Value Element

  • 0.25% + VAT of 20% of the gross value of the Deceased’s property
  • 0.75% + VAT of 20% of the gross value of the Deceased’s remaining assets

The range of costs can vary depending on the size of the Deceased’s Estate and the amount of work required, but more detailed information will be provided following an initial consultation.

Likely Disbursements

  • • Probate fee £159.50
  • • Special Delivery Postage – Price dependant on weight
  • • Office Copy Entries from H M Land Registry – £8.00 per property
  • • Share Valuation Fee – Price dependant on Shareholdings
  • • We would seek your approval before incurring any Disbursements other than those mentioned above
  • Initial meeting with Executors to take instructions and provide general advice
  • Collating information to determine the value of the Deceased’s Estate by liaising with all organisations with whom the Deceased held assets or received income
  • Preparing Schedules for approval
  • Preparing and submitting documents required by H M Revenue & Customs and the Probate Registry
  • Paying Inheritance Tax
  • Calling in the Deceased’s assets
  • Preparing Estate Accounts
  • Distributing monies accordingly

The timescale for completing the administration of an Estate is usually determined on a case by case basis dependant on the complexity of it, mainly in respect of the extent and type of assets held by the Deceased. We anticipate that simple Estates can be administered within six-eight months, however, more complicated matters can take up to two years to complete. Please bear in mind that we are very much governed by the length of time it takes you and the relevant organisations to respond to us and provide the information we require.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

An LPA allows you to choose people you trust to be your Attorneys to manage your affairs if you are no longer able to but an LPA can only be registered when you have the mental capacity to give instructions to your Solicitor. Although it may never be necessary for the LPA to be utilised, it may prove invaluable and save your loved ones the stress and cost of applying to the Court of Protection to enable them to deal with your affairs.

There are two types of LPA:-

Property and Financial Affairs – This enables your Attorneys to help in paying bills, operating Bank accounts, looking after and, if necessary, selling your property.

Health and Welfare – This enables your Attorneys to make decisions concerning where you live, what treatment you receive, care, end of life and Funeral arrangements.

Our charges for LPAs are as follows:-

Property & Finance

£40000+ VAT of 20%

Health & Welfare

£40000+ VAT of 20%

Property/Finance & Health/Welfare Combined

£78000+ VAT of 20%

Fee to register with The Office of the Public Guardian

£8200for each document
  • Initial meeting to take instructions and provide general advice
  • Preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and supporting documents
  • Dealing with any queries raised
  • Attendance for Lasting Powers of Attorney to be signed by Donor
  • Arranging for other relevant parties to sign
  • Applying to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration
  • Once registered, providing certified copies

Subject to you and other persons involved providing all information we require and responding to correspondence without delay, the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney is likely to take in the region of twelve-fourteen week.


We understand that losing your job, particularly through no fault of your own, can be a devastating blow and can completely disrupt your life. We are able to provide basic advice in relation to Compromise Agreements. In the event that it is necessary for you to make an application to the Employment Tribunal, we will recommend a suitable solicitor.


  • The fee for advice regarding Compromise Agreements will be capped at the sum the Employer is willing to pay
  • Initial meeting to receive Compromise Agreement, take instructions and provide general advice
  • Perusing Compromise Agreement and liaising with Employers in relation to any required alterations
  • Attendance for Compromise Agreement to be signed
  • Returning Compromise Agreement to Employer

We aim to finalise Compromise Agreements within three-four weeks.

It is often difficult to advise you as to how long it may take for your matter to be concluded, but we endeavour to deal with all correspondence received within 1-2 working days.